At BestBranding as always we promote the best in personalized gifts for your company and have a very innovative strategy in the merchandising level.

Trust and bet on Bestbranding products.

Thanks to the range of products we offer and the ability to personalize them with your company's logo, you can reach all your target customers, with the purpose of converting them into loyal consumers.

Have you thought about the products intended for restaurant gifts?

The ones we have are of excellent quality and of course with the option of personalization, so that everyone who visits your restaurant is attracted to your brand or business and repeat your services.

Within the wide range of personalized gifts for restaurants and to promote services directly to your customers, we will mention a few:

Glass and cups

Glasses and cups

If you would like your restaurant to be known and make sure the customers dont forget your service, try the promotional glasses offered by Bestbranding, among which offer crystal, beer, champagne, wine and even Whiskey glasses.

In these you can print the logo of your company with the purpose of personalizing them, so that your clients always remember you and want to revisit your business.

Salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper shakers are among the wide range of restaurant gifts. It is certainly a very simple object with a single use, but we use it every day. It can be an excellent option when it comes to giving a gift to make a good promotion for your company.

The salt and pepper shakers are very original gifts, you can also personalize them in a very simple way with your company logo or a message, as well as insert information about your business.

This customizable product, besides being a good gift for the clients, can also be used in the restaurant and placed in the center of the tables to provide the best image in front of your clients.



The corkscrew besides being a very original gift, is a very useful accessory for customers, so every time they take the cork out of the wine bottles they will see a product with your brand or logo, so they will always remember your Brand or logo.

You can place in the corkscrews some information about your company, an advertising slogan, as well as your logo and make your customers always want to enjoy your services again.

Bottle cooler

bottle cooler

This product is undoubtedly one of the most original gifts that we can find in a restaurant.Thanks to its size, you can place all the information of your company and take your brand to your customers' house. It is a very useful gift. When using it your customer will realize how easy and economical it is to cool their wines.