The key to everything: the printing costs

In the advertising and branding world one of the factors to take into major notice are the print costs. In communication, a print is defined as every time that our advertisement/brand/logotype is visualized by an individual. Due to the fact that promotional items have a long lifespan- even more than a year, as we saw in our previous article- the number of prints that may offer is very high, by these means being cheaper than television, newspapers, magazines and the radio.

How many times do they need to see you in order to remember you?

Did you know that seven or more prints are needed from your brand or logotype so that a consumer gains trust on your business? If you are the owner of a small firm or you belong to the marketing department of a brand, be sure that you need to pop up in the minds of clients- both for potential and for actual ones- not only in seven occasions but also during the longest possible time. Additionally, it is demonstrated that added to the number of prints consumers tend to remember brands that do useful and free give-aways without hoping anything in return (direct discounts, subscription advantages, gifts…). Adding the logo of your firm to gift products means that you are providing to your clients beef up on recognition and the image of your brand and firm in the long-run.

Cheap with a long-term useful life

Although it might not seem alike, the promotional products are one of the most affordable marketing and publicity techniques if you bear in mind the number of prints that every object offers during all of its useful life in relation to the unitary price for each of the items. When you post an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper this commercial will only be delivered to the audience during the time that you pay for the advertising space. The same goes on with tv commercials, posters in canopies or radio falcons. Although, promotional products are seen many times by the person that possesses the product, they use it on a daily basis- as it may be for instance with the mugs and pens by showing them to any other person that comes into contact with them. In the long run a promotional product generates many more logo prints than any other publicity method.

Infography cost vs number

Image above: printing cost and real impact of some promotional products.

Variety generates greater impact

People fancy variety and innovation, which means that when marketing is taken into account in the same way over and over this losses effectiveness: it is mandatory to change the marketing strategies according to the type of campaign, budget and season of the year. By these means, advertising campaigns through promotional products must be alongside complementary strategies during the whole year or be adapted at every moment and type of client. Examples: program in advance umbrellas for autumn-winter and caps for spring-summer.