During the last years, the sector dedicated to advertising or promotional gifts has experienced an incredible development, so nowadays companies have the possibility to offer printed T-shirts with the logo of their brand, in order to promote themselves and reach a larger audience; besides being an attractive, comfortable and very useful promotional gift.

Customize your shirt with the logo or the name of your Company 

At BestBranding.co.uk we have a wide collection of all types of branded t-shirts to print that represent an excellent alternative for those companies that want to offer their clients a publicity gift regardless of the sector of the market they belong to.

These printed t-shirts not only allow you to promote the brand, but it also allows you to promote an event related to the company that offers them.

If there is something that distinguishes us from the rest, it is undoubtedly the wide variety of promotional t-shirts we have, so any company that wishes can choose the one that best suits their tastes and needs to stamp their logo or some message from the brand and then use them to promote themselves by offering it not only to their customers, but also to their employees.

The best place to place the logo on the chest área of the shirt

This is the position that offers the most visibility in the front, this being an area that is normally used in order to highlight a main sponsor, same as the sponsors that can be seen on the well-known soccer jerseys.

In the same way it is possible to use that area with the purpose of highlighting the name of an event to which one will go and / or one  which one wishes to promote. 

Right chest 

It is usually used in combination with the company logo, which is usually located on the left side; This position is usually used for the purpose of promoting a member.

Left chest

It consists of the most used position when you want to display the logo of a company, this is because it is a visible and classic space in which people expect to see the name or logo of the companies.


It is a small area, the most common to used as a space where the web address of companies and / or a website especially on a specific event.


They tend to be very useful positions when you want to promote secondary sponsors, that is, those who do not want to stand out as much as those who will be on the chest area.

In general, it is the ideal position for secondary sponsors, regardless of the amount they may be, it is possible to embroider their names in both sleeves.


It consists of an unusual position that is usually possible to use as a platform when you want to show the company's slogan and / or promote individual articles.

Center of the back

This is the largest space available on the shirts; This area is usually recommended for those people who carry out activities in teams and outdoors.