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Customised Ecological Pens

Ecology studies the interactions of human beings with the environment. Today, many people are concerned about this science, pollution, and recycling.

Large companies are campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of recycling for the planet. Pollution affects the environment and all of us who live in it.

One way to help your company take care of its image is to join ecological campaigns. For that reason, BestBranding proposes that as promotional gifts for your clients, you choose everyday products made of 100% recycled materials.

This type of campaign shows your company’s concern for both its clients and the environment. As with the rest of the products at BestBranding, you can print your logo or advertising on all of the recycled items that we offer in our catalogue.

One of the most useful products among those commonly used as promotional products is the pen. We use it daily, whether at home or at work, and at BestBranding we have a wide variety of advertising pens of different sizes and colours, for all types of budgets.

If you are thinking of giving your customers an economical gift, we offer a biodegradable pen that is small, practical to carry around, and available in various colours: black, blue, orange, and green, or a pen with recyclable paper and a cap which is available in two colours: white and brown.

The NATURA pen has very similar characteristics to the previous one.

Promotional Ecological and Eco-Friendly Pens

We have a large selection of ecological pens that are made of wood. For those that are looking for a more colourful and striking model, Eccolour is an original pen that you can find in blue, orange, black, red, brown, and green.

Also available in this section are a range of ecological pens with a made of eco-friendly plastic, available in transparent, transparent blue, and also in non-transparent white or red.

To offer something less common, we give our clients the option of special pens made of metal remnants and bamboo. Currently, the use of pen and paper has been taken over by the use of tablets and styluses. This is why we offer different types of ecological styluses made out of card, the most economic and lightest model available. We offer these in different colours (black, red, white, and blue). These styluses, in addition to being ecological and made out of recycled materials, are completely customisable. You can choose them in your corporate colour and put your logo on them.

We also have styluses made out of bamboo, which is the most ecological wood since it regenerates incredibly quickly. This model is also available with a gift box.

The range of products in this section are completely eco-friendly and made with recycled or biodegradable materials, which will help with the maintenance of our planet.

These are products that are used daily to help keep the publicity of your company in your clients’ minds.

If you have any questions, please contact us regarding your direct marketing campaign. We are always available to help you.