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To increase the effectiveness of your company’s promotional products, it is essential to place the advertising in a manner that will attract the recipient’s attention. This will make your brand the centre of attention and all of your advertising more professional.

Virtual Samples

The creation of virtual samples allows you the possibility of digitally visualizing product desires and interpretations. Your logo or advertisement can be placed on any promotional gift, ranging from simple items and textiles up to even more complex specialized productions. Virtual samples allow you, before your order is placed, to receive an idea of what your promotional gift will look like after production. And all of this is completely free.


The designs for product printing must be provided in digital format. To that end, you should keep in mind the following technical requirements:


Apart from Adobe Illustrator 11.0, other programs such as CorelDraw 11.0 and FreeHand 10.0 can be used to create your design files. It is also possible to use earlier versions of the above-mentioned programs. Files from programs such as Word and PowerPoint, among others, are not suitable for printing.


All of the letters used in the design should be transformed into curves, that it to say into vector graphics.

Images and Logos

Any images or logos included in the design should be attached as original, separate files. Logos should be provided as .eps files. The resolution of images in print size must be at least 300 dpi and the logos must be at least 600 dpi.

Pantone Matching System

Logos are usually printed according to the Pantone Matching System, a system of colour identification, comparison, and communication for the graphic arts.

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