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Ashtrays are items that should always be around. There are many smokers in the world for which this is always a well-received gift. Among articles for smokers, ashtrays are one of the most indispensable products in the BestBranding catalogue.

BestBranding’s Promotional Ashtrays For All Types Of Companies

All of our ashtrays are customisable. They can all be customised with the company logo, name, and data that you want. This, without a doubt, results in a very useful item to create the brand image that you want with this kind of gift.

Speaking of the variety of customised ashtrays for smokers, there are only three large groups that exist (with their corresponding subgroups).

A Variety Of Ashtrays Within The Range Of Articles For Smokers

Undoubtedly, one of the main groups of ashtrays are the table tops version. These are ideal to have on the table of any place where you can smoke as well as on terraces. Obviously, these can also serve as a decorative element in areas where smoking is not allowed.

Table top ashtrays are ideal for displaying. These allow the image that is printed on them to be fixed in the minds of those who see them.

Inside our range of desktop advertising ashtrays, you will find a great variety of models, from very modern ashtrays in different materials, including translucent, to ashtrays of a more classical and traditional cut.

Other Advertising Articles For Smokers

In addition to the range of table top ashtrays, there are two other large ranges. The first one is the range of standing ashtrays. There are many suitable locations for these, but they are undoubtedly especially suitable for placing in the entrance of buildings or places where people will throw their cigarettes such as the place where employees of an office go out to smoke at street level.

Finally, a range that has gained many followers recently is the pocket range. This type allows smokers to do so quietly without having to look for an ashtray or throw the ash and cigarette butt to the ground. In addition, when carried in your pocket and used very frequently, these are a model smokers' article which makes it possible to highlight the data that is incorporated on the ashtray.

There are also articles for more specific smokers, such as cigars and more, but we will go further into these categories with the subcategories.