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Prepare The Best Drinks With Our Advertising Shakers

Advertising shakers are a popular element since you do not have to be a waiter to know how to handle them. Shakers are an important element in any home when throwing a party. Why not give cocktail shakers as a promotional gift? We print our shakers according to your specifications, with the logo or advertisement for your company. Various fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, ice cubes, creams, and egg yolks are often used to mix them to make delicious beverages.

Accessories For Promotional Shakers

We offer a selection of cocktail shakers with various accessories, such as spoons and measuring glasses, among others. From the simplest shaker to the six-piece cocktail set for professionals, they are ready to be printed with your customised logo. The prices of our promotional shakers vary according to the quality of the plastic or stainless steel. They are fully suitable for mixing and storing beverages. You can also request a protein shaker for people who train in the gym with your company logo. We are happy to advise you on our wide range of customised bespoke promotional items.