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Customise Promotional Paperweights With Your Logo

Promotional and customisable products cover a wide range of items, but one of the classic things that will never go out of style is the paperweight.

A paperweight is a tool designed to hold a weight on sheets of paper, letters, or other types of paper to immobilize them and prevent the first wind gust that enters when you open the window from creating the greatest chaos of the day with all the papers on the floor.

In the office we always end up accumulating papers everywhere: invoices, emails, delivery notes, and so on. That is why it is essential to try to maintain order and leave your desk open to work.

At BestBranding, we offer you a wide variety of paperweights so that your clients can organize their desks.

Our range includes a methacrylate paperweight, pen holder, and note holder paperweights, and a crystal ball paperweight to be able to classify your documents. The glass paperweight with a world map design as an article very original gift.

On our website you have the option to customise these desk accessories.

Original Designs In Advertising Paperweights

This is a product that your customers will always have visible and will have present the image of your company day after day.

While the paperweights were invented to sort the papers that pile up, these objects have gone from being practical to becoming another decorative element for the office. Although paperweights began to be used during the industrialization period, in the 19th century they have become small works of art to decorate the desk with.

Glass Paperweight: This type of paperweight was first produced in the early nineteenth century. The most common glass paperweight is known as Millefiori.

It is a crystal ball with small coloured flowers inside.

Minerals as Paperweights: Another way to organize our papers is by placing a brightly coloured mineral on our desk.

Methacrylate Paperweight: This is a unique paperweight has a totally customisable design. You can write the name or even the logo of your business or company.

The Quality Materials In Our Customised Paperweights

You can also ask to draw a picture on a methacrylate paperweight, like the shield of your client's favourite football team.

Metallic Paperweights:They are fixed on any metal surface so that the pads are securely fastened.

They have some very flashy current designs. They are a great decorative element which are available in different ways.

At BestBranding, discover the paperweight models that we offer and our effective delivery system.

We want to work for you and give a distinctive touch to your customised gift. If you have any questions you can talk to our team by phone or email.

At BestBranding, we want to be your allies, since gifts like these are long-lasting and will be present in the life of your clients. Why are you waiting to place your order? All of the models of this catalogue are available.

Make A Gift With A Unique And Exclusive Touch.

BestBranding means customised designs. It is the right company to give you the help you need in your promotional campaigns.