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Custom Production of Promotional Gifts: Unique and Effective

Do you need a customized promotional gift for your advertising strategy and you cannot find it in our catalogue? No problem. We would be happy to satisfy your wishes and produce a custom product that matches your requirements with respect to shape, material, colour, and purpose of the promotional gift.

Please keep in mind that depending on the desired item, there will be a minimum order quantity required and the delivery time may take up to 12 and 14 weeks. That is why we recommend good planning.

Finding Your Advertising Medium: Step by Step

There is a long road to travel from the first ideas to obtaining the physical custom product. We, as competent and trusted specialists in promotional gifts, will offer you complete and effective first-hand advice.

Step 1: Initial Contact

During your initial personal contact, you will share with us all of the basic conditions for the project you have in mind such as the desired advertising, timeline, and the available budget. You will also describe your desires and ideas regarding design, colour, material, and product use. As soon as all of this is coordinated and planned, we will work together to develop an idea for the exclusive fulfillment of your promotional gift.

Step 2: Design

Taking into account the premises and concept developed during the initial contact, we will prepare a virtual design for your special product to give you a preview of your individualized article. This will give you the first real impression of the design, materials, and colours used. Depending on the development, this will require between 5 and 10 days.

Step 3: Sample Preparation

If the design of your promotional gift matches your ideas, we will need your authorization to produce an original 1:1 sample of your item. This requires an average of 5 to 10 days. If the manufactured sample matches your requirements, you will then give us the authorization to begin the next step. In the event that your expectations have not been met and it is necessary to correct aspects of the sample, everything possible will be done to change the product details to satisfy 100% of your requirements. Once you are completely satisfied with the result, we will start producing your custom product.

Step 4: Production

It is now time to make way for the manufacturing of your custom product according to the sample you have authorized. There will be quality control in place during the entire fabrication process, either on our part or by institutes such as the Swiss SGS or the German TÜV Rheinland. Part of this involves, for example, the sampling of random products as well as controlling packaging and shipment according to regulations. Total production can last between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the quantity ordered.

Step 5: Transportation

As soon as the production is completed, shipping will be carried out by sea freight. This will take between 4 to 5 weeks. If you want to transport your merchandise by air (which will be subject to an increase in cost), this would reduce the delivery time to 1 or 2 weeks.

Step 6: Delivery

When your order arrives in our offices we will check that everything is in order so that the merchandise can be delivered to your home.