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Terms of Sale

Area of Application

The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to sales and other services offered through BEST BRANDING LTD., as advertised on the website www. bestbranding.co.uk. The validity of the following terms and conditions will apply from the moment the contract is signed. We will not accept differing or opposing terms from the buyer unless they expressly appear on this page.

You have the option to create a user account and thereby register yourself as a client in our system of commerce. The data necessary for the creation of a user account must be complete and truthful. Only you can carry out subsequent changes to your personal information.

Upon registering on our website, you give your consent in regard to the application of these General Terms and Conditions as well as their modification. In addition, being part of our system does not carry any obligation or burden for you. In particular, you are under no obligation to purchase the products offered on our website.


You have a period of 14 days to review any possible defects in the merchandise supplied. You should inspect your merchandise during this period in order to be able to return the items within the stated time period. If it is not going to be used immediately, it is advisable to open your merchandise and check it for quality. We cannot assure that a return can be completed outside of the deadline. We likewise put at your disposal all of the guarantees offered by the manufacturer. BEST BRANDING LTD. does not offer any express guarantee and does not give an implicit or specific guarantee of the marketability or suitability of its merchandise.

Order Variations

Bulk orders in large quantities can suffer from a small variation between the quantity ordered and the quantity supplied. BEST BRANDING LTD. controls the fabrication process in these cases so that if the quantity is not exact, it will come out higher. There may be a few cases where less than the amount requested is sent. We reserve the right to send up to 5% above or below the solicited quantity.

Even though BEST BRANDING LTD. is very rigorous with the preproduction, production, and post-production processes, cases can arise in which the virtual sample made by BEST BRANDING LTD. does not coincide 100% with the final result. There may be small variations in colour, size, or position.

Order Acceptance and Cancellation

The acceptance of an order either through email or signature assumes the acceptance of the sales conditions as well as your commitment to pay according to the agreed-upon methods. Once an order confirmation is approved, we cannot guarantee our ability to make changes or cancellations. The cancellation of an already processed order imposes some expenses that, in such cases, we will pass on to the client. The client is obliged to pay the agreed-upon price for any work that has been completed by us up until the cancellation. All work performed and expenses incurred will be borne by the client. These expenses may include but are not limited to, expenses arising from order preparation, material orders, digital design, and replacement rate, among others. In the case that BEST BRANDING LTD. has not incurred any expense, the client will not be charged either.

BEST BRANDING LTD. guarantees that it will maintain the offer of the order once the final budget has been confirmed. BEST BRANDING LTD. reserves the right to reject an offer if it considers it appropriate to do so.


All products will be charged the corresponding VAT. BEST BRANDING LTD. is obliged to collect all taxes on products sold and services performed. Companies and individuals who are exempt from paying taxes will not be charged. In those cases, the client must provide the required documentation for subsequent review and approval.

Prices on the Web

BEST BRANDING LTD. does everything possible to maintain all prices up to date. From time to time, prices may suffer variations from causes beyond our control, such as the increase in the price of raw materials, for example. We reserve the right to change the prices published on our website at any time. If the price of an item requested by a client does not coincide with the correct price, we will be in contact immediately to inform you of the error and to give you the actual price. If the new price does not fit your budget, we will help you find an item that does.

Shipping Delays

We comply with our manufacturing obligations according to the purchase agreement by using one of our reliable transportation companies to deliver the goods from our warehouse to the shipping address provided by you. BEST BRANDING LTD. can make partial deliveries to the buyer, if previously agreed, depending on the availability of the product.

BEST BRANDING LTD. will not be held responsible for the delay of shipments caused by reasons beyond our control or other circumstances over which we do not have direct control. Our shipments are made sufficiently in advance to comply with the agreed-upon delivery terms. BEST BRANDING LTD. will not be held responsible for possible economic damages from delays caused by reasons beyond our control.

Images on the Website

BEST BRANDING LTD. attempts to offer images in which the product appears as real as possible. Nevertheless, the details of each one can be interpreted ambiguously in a way that does not correspond to reality, such as in scale or colour. To ensure the quality, colour, and size of the product, you can request a sample to assess the item in person. If you decide not to assess the physical sample, we will not be held responsible for any possible interpretation errors that may have arisen from viewing the images. We also recommend that you check all of the information that we provide in the product file, such as size, material, etc. This data can help you get an idea of how the article is in reality.

Order Returns

Only orders which do not meet the purchase requirements can be returned after previous authorization from BEST BRANDING LTD., within a maximum period of 14 days. Items must be returned in their original packaging and without any manipulation by the customer. Shipping and return costs will not be included.

Items that have been customised cannot be returned (except for defective products). It is impossible to return marked merchandise to the factory. This is why we recommend that you request a physical sample of the product before printing so that you can assess it to see the physical product along with its dimensions, quality, etc. You can also consult our sales representatives regarding any questions you may have about a specific product.

Reservation of Ownership

We reserve the ownership rights over the entire order until the all payment and delivery fees have been received.

Promotional Coupons

BEST BRANDING LTD. offers coupons and promotional offers to its clients. These offers are not cumulative, they can only be used once per customer. The coupons are only redeemable.